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The New Patrol

It is finally Spring after a long Winter in Lockhaven. The guard mice begin their important missions such as delivering the mail and escorting townsmice from village to village. Scent borders will be repaired as soon as the remaining snow clears and the mice can start to enjoy the warmer weather that spring brings. Guardmice are also responsible for patrolling the Territories, finding paths and blazing new trails and generally protecting the safety of mousekind. During Spring the weather watching mice are particularly important to warn other mice of late snow storms and impending rainfalls. A Guardsmouse’s work is never done.

“Send any mouse to do the job, it may or may not be done. Ask the Guard to do the task, even death cannot prevent it from completion.” -Mouse proverb

This tale follows the story of three very special mice. Markus, a patrol leader, and veteran of the guard. He is a hard leader, but he will fight to the death to protect his fellow patrolmates. Rosalee, a newly inducted guardmouse who uses her knowledge of science and medicine to serve her patrolmates and keep the Territories safe. And lastly Francis, and young tenderpaw who awaits the day he will receive his guard’s cloak with little ethusiasm. However unwilling, he uses his talents as a weather-watcher and pathfinder to urge the group to safety.

The three have been brought together to protect and serve the Territories, and here beings our story…

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