The New Patrol

Session 2
Deliver the Mail (cont)

Recovering the mail bag was less challenging than originally thought. As the adventurers wandered the wilderness at night as they attempted to follow the Raven, Markus spotted it where it had been abandoned. Relieved, the already hungry and tired patrol forced their way onward to Gilpledge.

Arriving in the middle of the night Markus arranged for shelter at the Brambleberry lodge. The next day the mail was delivered, but one upset looking white mouse seemed to be left out. It seems she was supposed to get word from her betrothed who had left to try to earn his fortune so they could wed. Moved by Loretta’s plight the patrol agreed to escort her back to Lockehaven and investigate her fiance’s absence.

Session 1
Deliver the Mail

The Patrol lead by Markus was given a mission by Gwendolyn. They were to deliver the mail to Elmoss, Sprucetuck, Dorigift, and finally Gilpledge. Everything went fine (well, except for a small confrontation between Markus and Rosalee) until the trip to Dorigift where the path was blocked by mud and snow remnants. With help from Rosalee Francis was succesfully able to lead the group through the danger and to Dorigift.

When the patrol prepared to leave Dorigift, rain clouds were gathering. Markus decided to risk it and the patrol raced ahead. Deciding not to push on through the night the Patrol moved to take shelter in a hollow stump.

Unfortunately the stump was occupied by a Raven. A fight ensued in which the Raven made off with the mail packet, taking flight and leaving the tired patrol behind.


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